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GloboPak is a company that founded in 2009 by the co-owners Paul Galmarini and Norma Galmarini. It is today a family-owned and operated company that has attempted to function according to the values of small businesses. This means running the business with values like integrity, customer appreciation, and high quality products. In 2010, GloboPak launched a sales platform that has been very successful ever since. The sales growth showed by GloboPak has been impressive considering the capital limitations they have faced, which have not allowed them to run large scale orders for their clients. Even with this issue, GloboPak has been able to accomplish a lot.

The core product that has been developed and sold by GloboPak are corrugated plastic boxes for agriculture packaging. Additionally, they have supplemental products like rubber bands and water absorbent pads which can be used during the process of transporting produce. The products offered by GloboPak make use of high quality materials which are approved of by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The core sales platform of the company revolves around their asparagus box, which has been used to transport product to retailers all over the globe. GloboPak has many customers, amongst them are companies like Dole Fresh, Boskovich Farms, Altar Produce LLC, Grower Direct Marketing, Central Valley Packing & Supply, and others.

The lack of available capital has played a role in the growth of GloboPak because the agricultural business is a seasonal one. The company is looking to develop a long and lasting relationship with a lender that they can come to depend upon. Rapid sales growth and the uneven nature of the demands placed on the company by the harvesting seasons means they have a need for a trusted lending partner.

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